#mmmay17 last full week recap!

Lots of repeats this week, but that just shows me the things I’ve made and love and obviously need to make more of!

SO here’s the recap:

Monday: Maroon/Mulberry Wren Dress in ITY knit from fabric.com

Tuesday: Cropped plantain tee with cap sleeves and vneck in a rayon knit from fabric.com

Wednesday: Short sleeved Hemlock tee in a periwinkle lightweight sweater knit that I got for free from a Church destash and a me made bra

Thursday: Moneta Crop top out of the same periwinkle sweater knit

Friday: Me made undies

Saturday: me made bra

Sunday: Seafoam plantain tee with vneck in a rayon knit from fabric.com

So a pretty successful week. I’ve finished a lot of sewing, finished knitting a shawl, and started a new shawl and am nearly finished with a pair of socks I’ve been knitting.

I’ve started my Sew Over It Mia Jeans shorts in a charcoal ponte roma knit. I just need to hem them and make a button hole and stitch the button on. They’re just as I wanted them to be and are definitely a much better fitting version of the rtw ones that I loved. I’ll post more in depth about the pattern and the shorts once they’re finished.

How are you all feeling about me made may?

MMMay17 Week 3 recap

This week was a little bit of a fail for me made may. Mainly because of my mental state. I did wear me made undies or bra everyday though. So that’s something I guess.

Today I grabbed for my woven hemlock tee, but I’m not a fan of the fit on me. It’s just a bit too tent like on me and I should have just finished the armhole seams with a zigzag stitch instead of doing a french seam, as the seam is a bit too bulky and sits oddly. So I took it off and swapped for my seafoam vneck plantain tee. I’m also wearing a me made bra today.


Now for the recap:

Monday: only me made undies

Tuesday: Me made undies and bra with a periwinkle purple linden sweatshirt and rtw leggings.

Wednesday: Black and white polka dot sweetheart halter neck dress.

Thursday: me made bra. I attempted to wear a me made shirt (burda styles wrap front blouse in magenta chiffon), but wore it for a couple minutes tops and then switched to a rtw baggy tshirt and leggings.

Friday: Me made undies. rtw leggings and tshirt

Saturday: me made bra and undies and my marled blue sweater long sleeve plantain tee with rtw leggings

Sunday: me made bra, seafoam vneck plantain tee with rtw leggings and undies.

Overall, not terrible, especially given the circumstances. Hopefully this next week will be better. I’m thinking I’ll be wearing more dresses next week, but don’t take my word on it.

Things I’ve finished in the past week:

I finished 2 slave leia bras, 3 pairs of undies, and a nude mesh bra I’ll be finishing tonight (I just need to sew the clasps on and then sew the underwire in) So it was a pretty productive week for the shop.

I also finished my linden sweatshirt, moneta crop top, and woven hemlock sweatshirt. I also finished knitting the body of a sweater I’ve been working on (so not exactly a finished object, but it was a big deal and a big part of the project that’s not finished)

I have 2 more bras and a pair of undies to finish for the shop this week, and I have a new thong design I’d like to finish and add to the shop this week as well.

Sewing plans:

Cutting out another linden sweatshirt, cutting out some shorty peg leg leggings (testing some adjustments to the pattern), taping together the Mia Jeans pdf from the sew over it city break capsule ebook (and washing some fabric for it), work on knitting my souvenir socks and shawl that I started.

All in all I’ll be keeping myself busy over the next week. What are your sewing and knitting plans for the next week?

#mmmay17 week 2 overview/recap

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Recap of Week 2 of Me Made May.

Day 1: My blue wren dress, I love this pattern and need to get working on more, I have the fabric for 2 more and have another bit of fabric coming in for one more.

Day 2: A Stone Grey waffle/thermal knit long sleeve plantain tee with a me made bra and rtw leggings and undies. super simple and comfy, basically my daily uniform: comfy tee and leggings

Day 3: My red with white hearts sweetheart halter neck dress, very 50’s pinup girl. I love love love this pattern and have made 3 so far, I have many more planned.

Day 4: A light grey vneck short sleeved plantain tee with me made bra and undies and some rtw leggings. my daily uniform, as usual.

Day 5: Road trip! Periwinkle short sleeved hemlock tee with arm bands instead of sleeves, me made undies and rtw leggings.

Day 6: me made undies with rtw dress.

Day 7: seafoam plantain tee with me made undies and rtw leggings. my favorite me made top yet.

Overall not bad! There’s definitely a trend that I need to take advantage of and make some more clothing for my daily uniform. I’ll definitely be making more plantain tees, short and long sleeve hemlock tees, and I need to get my butt moving and make some leggings.

I have a few new shirts I’ve finished making during week 2 that I will most likely be wearing this week. I’ll mainly be working on etsy orders as I’ve got quite a pile to get through and ship out this week. I need to cut out some neck and arm bindings for some shirts I have mostly finished, so I may do that and get those done with week as well.

How has your me made may pledge been going? Is it harder than you thought? Have you discovered which patterns you reach for over and over again?

#mmmay17 while traveling


This was a very long, tiring trip, and it was very trying and straining on relationships. It was a 16 hour car ride, after all, with 6 grown people together.. The wedding was worth every second of it, but I’m not going to jump at the chance to do it again at any time in the near future.

I wore me made things every day, the first day was my me made panties and a knit hemlock tee with arm bands instead of sleeves, and some rtw leggings. Perfect travel wear! (we also left the house at 4 AM! which was way too early to exist)

Day 2, the day of the wedding, I opted for my back up dress instead of the one I had made specifically for the wedding (because I was already stressed out over the trip itself, I didn’t need the added stress of being uncomfortable with what I was wearing, plus if I’m going to wear heels, I might as well wear a dress that needs them.)

Day 3 was the car ride back. I wore my seafoam vneck plantain tee with rtw leggings and me made undies.

This was a very difficult trip and tensions ran high and my anxiety got the better of me more often than not. But at least I was able to fully enjoy the wedding (which was beautiful and so so sweet) and that was an amazing break from the stress of everything else. I also went yarn shopping right before the wedding, to pick up some souvenir yarn, I got 2 beautiful skeins of fingering weight yarn.

I got quite a bit of knitting done on the trip as well, I brought my sweater I’ve been working on and pretty much exclusively worked on that. It’s the Pretty Mallory pattern, a fingering weight sweater. I’m finally on the ribbing! So I have about 1.5 inches of ribbing to go before binding off the body and picking up the stitches of the sleeves.

I really want to cast on the new yarns I bought while in Tennessee because they’re so beautiful and blue. But I’m holding back because I still need to knit my Boston Souvenir socks for myself.

I also got word that I won a prize from a knit a long I’ve been participating in. (The Knitting Expats New York City Sock Club KAL) I won for the previous months socks, which I actually made for my boyfriend. They were using The Avenues sock pattern. And I won the beautiful skein of Woolfiend yarn in the colorway Emma’s Purple on the Jilly Base. It’s so soft and the colors have so much depth! It reminds me of the cartoon Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

I don’t have an outfit post for today because it’s just a rtw baggy tshirt and leggings with me made undies. I decided I could let myself off the hook for today while I recover from the trip.

But I did get some sewing done today! I was working on etsy orders and I finished my woven long sleeve hemlock tee in a magenta chiffon with some black lace, and I finished my periwinkle linden sweatshirt.

This week will be a week of emotionally and mentally recovering, working on orders, and preparing to make an appointment for my new tattoo (more on that at a later time)

How has everyone else been doing with me made may? Any tips or patterns for wearing me made while traveling?

#mmmay17 Day 9 in which progress is made

My new sewing machine has arrived! So now I can get to working on some new things to wear for the rest of the week/month.


I’ve been working on pinning and sewing things since it arrived at around 4pm today. I had a whole pile of things cut out and ready. I had 5 pairs of underwear, 5 shirts, and 4 orders, and my dress for this weekend, as well as a woven hemlock that just needed hemming.


So I’ve got my work cut out for me (haha pun intended). I have a moneta crop top, a linden sweatshirt, a knit hemlock, a plantain tee tank, and a bra crop top.

I just need to add the zipper, buttons and button holes, and hem and press the dress I’ll be wearing to a wedding this weekend. So I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow as well as sewing the stretch lace on 4 of the thongs (the 5th one still needs a waistband).

And for my outfit for the day, I went simple and comfy because I was going to be working on things all day. So I went for my long sleeved plantain tee in a very very lightweight waffle/thermal knit in a stone grey color. Plus a me made bra with my rtw leggings and undies.


I also finished knitting a pair of socks I’ve been working on for the last month. They’re the Lavender Socks in Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in the Sapphire heather colorway.

They look awesome on, the pattern was fun to knit, but I did not like working with the stroll yarn. It’s my first time working with stroll fingering, but I definitely will not be making more socks out of it, I’ll probably still use it for contrasting toes and heels on socks, but definitely not the full sock again. On a side note, I caught sight of a bunny outside the window today and the cat quickly caught on to the fact that I found something outside and came to watch.

So a bunch of sewing progress was made today and I’m very excited to hopefully have some finished objects to show off tomorrow! (plus I could use some more things to wear before I start repeating outfits already!)

#Mmmay17 Week 1 Round Up and Overview

So week one of me made may has come to a close and I can definitely see gaping holes in my me made wardrobe already. Now, I’m not very surprised at this, as I’ve only starting making clothes for myself in august/September of this last year. So I don’t have many things finished, and a bunch of things I finished, either didn’t fit, or I used the wrong fabric combination for the pattern. So my me made wardrobe is very small.

I already knew I needed more tshirts and needed to start making some leggings, as I practically live in those. I have quite a few dresses, which is fine, but the weather is a bit too chilly still for me to be wearing lightweight dresses every day.

Recap: Top Left: Day 1:  Deer and Doe Plantain Tee in a Seafoam Rayon Blend knit fabric with a curved hem and a vneck, a me made blue stretch lace bra with a pair of rayon spandex blend stretch lace edged thong. Rtw Leggings.
Top Middle: Day 2: Upcycle/refashioned velvet dress with pockets! Paired with the same rayon spandex blend fabric and stretch lace edging but in full bikini style panties.
Top Right: Day 3: Deer and Doe Plantain Tee in a Marled Navy and White Light Weight Sweater Knit (similar here), with a curved hem and cuffs on the sleeves. rtw bra, panties, and leggings.
Bottom Left: Day 4: Colette Patterns Wren Dress in an ITY Knit in a mulberry/maroon color, full circle skirt bottom, lengthened the bodice by a couple inches. Hand knit socks, and rtw bra and panties.
Bottom Middle: Day 6: Deer and Doe Plantain tee in a lightweight pastel blue burnout jersey, lengthened with a curved hem and a vneck. rtw leggings, and panties. me made bra.
Bottom Right: Day 7: Colette Patterns/Seamwork Magazine Perry Dress as a crop top, paired with a rtw skirt and panties, blue stretch lace me made bra.

So I made it for 6 out of 7 days. Which is pretty darn good. I missed day 5 due to mental health, and just wore my standard rtw leggings and oversized tshirt.

I’m seeing a lot of dresses in the next week or repeat outfits. I’ll be traveling next weekend to Tennessee by car for a wedding, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to document my outfits or wear me made items for those travel days. I’m working on a dress to wear to the wedding that I’m hoping to have finished before we have to leave, but that depends on when my new sewing machine comes in.


Overall, Me Made May has made me realize that I really like comfy cozy clothes that aren’t really noteworthy or instagram ready. And my me made items are more in that instagram ready zone, mostly. The clothes I make are more in line with how I’d like to dress: pulled together, while still being simple, easy, comfy, and can be mixed and matched easily or dressed up or dressed down. My problem is actually wearing clothes like this in my day to day life, I feel like I’m “Wasting” these outfits because on most days I never leave the house and hardly leave the basement. So I guess I have more of a mental block with my style and clothing choice than anything else. It’s made me take more time in getting ready and more mindful with picking out my outfits.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that I’m taking more time with what I’m wearing, I’m sure my boyfriend thinks it’s a good thing haha. But it’s interesting. I’m hoping by the end of the month it’ll be a little easier and more streamlined, less hassle with trying to put outfits together.

What have you all discovered in the first week of me made may? Have you made any discoveries on your personal style choices verses your sewing choices?