I still exist!

I didn’t mean to just fall off the face of the earth, but my depression just kept spiraling down and I wasn’t making any progress on my sewing (other than the necessary things for shop orders). So I have taken the time off to try and get my mind in order and take care of myself. I haven’t been sewing much for myself, as I said. But I’m feeling a bit of sewing mojo coming back, so hopefully I’ll be back soon with another update. I’ve mainly been knitting, so I have quite a bit of that to show later down the line.

So for now, sorry for my absence, I’m trying to take care of myself, which has been very difficult lately. I am trying medications and have had bad luck with them so far, but I’m still trying to remain hopeful.

I’ve been making some slow progress and have plans for my sewing. I did make another v neck plantain tee with a curved hem in a lightweight blush color jersey. I have another one of these cut out to sew up still but haven’t managed to sew it together yet.

Other news: My fiance and I picked out our wedding rings and ordered them. We ended up just wearing them (we’re claiming it’s because we’re following the Finnish tradition of both people get a ring when they get engaged, the woman traditionally gets an engagement ring while the man gets his wedding ring, and the woman will get her wedding band on their wedding day… though I’m not totally following that because I’ve been wearing mine already and our wedding isn’t until September!)

As far as wedding things go: I’m still debating on what style of dress I want to have, I have this idea of doing a vintage inspired dress, but I’m not sure. I bought the P4P wiggle dress pattern and I may use that with some modification for style and then either do all over lace overlay or just lace trim on the bottom edges (if I do lace trim, I’ll most likely add some hand beading to that too). I did find shoes that I like for the wedding, I’m just trying to decide on the color, should I do the mint color or the navy or stick to a safer solid neutral? I want bright blue shoes, but they’re very hard to find in a slight heel that isn’t a stiletto. I’m leaning towards getting the mint color of the shoes, but I’m afraid it’ll be too green toned. Oh the dilemmas.

We still don’t know where or how we’re doing it. At the moment I’m thinking just going to the court house or whatever and doing it there and then just having a little party at a park or our house. But we might have my fiance’s brother in law officiate for us, he’s willing to go through with the whole things and become an officiant just for us, which is really sweet.

I’ve also been looking at veils and headpieces/accessories and I’m thinking of making mine as well with faux flowers and beads and wire and just a simple tulle veil with either a matching lace trim to the dress or a little bit of beading detail around the edges. I’ve been looking at a lot of tutorials and youtube videos and pinterest.  I think I can do it, especially since I used to do a lot of beaded bracelet work, and I want a very simple design.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at. I’m hanging in there and planning and learning.

Plans for Planning

This week has been relatively productive. I managed to finish a few things that I’ve been meaning to get to for a while now.

First up: refashioned panties. A while ago I was helping the fiance’s mother clean out some old clothes from the attic. We both went through them and donated some and stored the rest back in the attic. I was allowed to have free reign over things I wanted to wear or wanted to re-purpose for the fabric. I picked a small pile of things and finally got around to starting the re-purposing. I made 2 different styles of panties (along with the thong from last week) out of a pair of pants that were 100% rayon. The fabric was practically new, aside from some holes in the bottom where it looks like the unlucky owner leaned/sat on something that ripped little holes in it. So it had a lot of potential for undies.

I went with a standard bikini brief cut (slightly more coverage) and a slightly higher cut leg bikini style (slightly less coverage), and black cotton jersey for the lining and a black stretch lace on both.


I haven’t started on any of the other items yet, but I’m still figuring out plans for some of them.

I also managed to bang out a new Grainline Studios Linden shirt. I used a stable knit that is a mystery blend as I got it from a church destash. I’m pretty sure it is some sort of wool blend, based on the feel of it, but I can’t be sure. Anyway, I chose short sleeves because I didn’t have enough fabric for long sleeves, but I actually like the short sleeves on this one. I also didn’t use a neck band or bottom band, but just folded them under and stitched them in place. AND the best part? I lengthened it and made it a high low split hem! I really like how this detail came out.

I sized up on this one to be sure it would fit nicely, since the fabric has little to no stretch. I don’t think I necessarily needed to size up, now that it’s all finished, but I like things a little over sized anyway, so I’m totally fine with how loose fitting it came out.

I have a few more linden sweatshirts planned for the fall. I will also do an in depth review of the pattern in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

After all this sewing for me, I did do a little work for the shop too. I finished an order of one pair of sheer white mesh undies. Nothing too exciting there, but it’s a very popular item in my shop.


The new item for the shop that I hinted at last week? Yeah, I finished that too, and it came out just as I imagined it. It’s made from a beautiful black and purple and pink floral print crepe double knit. It’s a pretty stable knit with some stretch (maybe 10%) but it’s perfect for bras. I also used black power mesh, black scallop lace, and black elastics, straps, and findings. I love it!

I plan to make a whole line that matches that bra, but it’s been stormy out so my blood pressure has been too low to sit at my sewing machine or to stand and cut things out. I’m hoping to get at least a pair of matching underwear finished by next week, if not a couple matching pairs.

I’ve been making good progress on knitting my fiance’s Christmas Sweater (The Drangey Pullover by Stephen West). I’m already finished with the yoke and halfway done with the body! I’ve also started on a child sweater (the flax sweater by tin can knits) for my cousins 6th birthday later this month. I may be a little ambitious with that deadline, but if anything I can give it to him for Christmas.


Other than that I’ve been starting on my plans for my fall capsule wardrobe. It looks like I’ll be making a lot of layering pieces mainly. I have plans for at least 4 cardigans (and maybe 2 different styles of blazers). I’m also hoping to get a few pairs of leggings and pants finished. I desperately need to replace some of my rtw leggings as they’re ready to fall apart from being worn and washed so many times. However, I’m on a fabric buying ban and only using stash fabric due to having student loan debts dumped on me after I was told they were taken care of, as well as saving for my wedding, and wedding dress.

Speaking of my wedding dress, have a mentioned that I’m planning on making it myself from scratch? Yeah, I may be a little crazy, but I’m also very determined. So right now I’m looking at lace and lace appliques online and trying to gauge how much I should set aside for the materials of the dress. I’m also sketching up some of the lace appliques, trying to figure out placement ideas and if they’d work well with other appliques I’ve found. Here’s a little sneak peek of that (I’ve got plenty more started):


Have you started on your fall wardrobe plans yet? What’s the “hole” in your fall wardrobe that you’ll need to be making first? Mine is definitely cardigans!