Something New

I have been working hard on getting orders finished, messages replied to, and finishing knitted items. I have also made a few changes that have been talked about for years now but not acted upon until this past weekend.

I changed my hair (that’s not all that new or exciting, I’m prone to randomly cutting my hair, but I went out and got my hair cut, styled, and colored by a professional for the first time in about 5 years). So my hair is shorter now and it’s teal!

Other than the new hair thing, I’ve been sewing and knitting up a storm. I finished a custom Harley Quinn Suicide Squad bikini, and nearly finished a classic Harley Quinn bra. I finished the short sleeved Grainline Studios Linden sweatshirt that I started a couple weeks ago.


As for knitting: I finished my exploration station, minus weaving in half the ends. And I’m nearly finished with another pair of socks. The socks are a plain vanilla pair with contrasting heels/toes/cuffs. I’m using Loops and Threads brand Woolike in Ice Blue for the contrasting bits and for the main color I’m using Badwoldgirlstudios Mermish Colorway in her matte sock base. I just started the cuffs, so I’ll definitely have them finished by this weekend.

I have another order to finish and am talking with customers about 2 different possible custom orders. So that’s exciting! I want to get a full circle skirt that I have cut out finished by next week. And maybe the top I’m planning on pairing with it too.

I’m still trying to find some good patterns to work through my stash fabrics. I have quite a few thicker (quilting cotton) wovens that I’d like to make something with, but have no idea what to do. I might turn the ones I have at least a yard of into circle skirts, but no idea what to do with most of it. Any suggestions for patterns?


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