I’m Back, With A SURPRISE!

So our flight landed at 1 AM on Monday morning. The trip was amazing and so much fun. Vidcon was huge and a little overwhelming but totally worth it. The trip itself held a lot of surprises for me.

The first and major surprise….


We got engaged!!!!!

We went to a nature conservation park last Sunday and walked the trails before finding a beautiful spot with a nice little bench to rest. We sat and chatted about the trip so far, our plans for the rest of the week, how pretty it was here, and just normal little benign things. Then he turned to me and said “I have a question to ask you.” and that’s when I saw the box and he got down on one knee (in the dirt and everything!) and asked me to marry him. I grabbed him and kissed him and when we pulled away he asked “So, what’s your answer?” and of course I told him yes. So I put the ring on and we just enjoyed the moment and the nature around us. Then we started to joke about how he was so nervous the surprise would get spoiled by all the security checks we had to go through (it didn’t obviously, but funny enough, the box was checked every time after that when we went through bag checks at Downtown Disney); and I joked at how slow I was on picking up on all the hints everyone around us kept giving me before the trip (because of course everyone knew about it before the trip).

It was truly amazing and magical and I couldn’t have asked for more (well, having it on video would have been great, which he had planned but it didn’t pan out in the end).

The park was fantastic and gorgeous. We saw lots of plants and animals and CACTI lots of cacti! (Cacti are amusing for me because we don’t have them here)

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The trip itself was great, I made a friend while there and had a lot of fun. We went to Vidcon everyday of the convention and also went to all the parties we could get into. We hung out in Downtown Disney like 4 times. We stopped by a local yarn shop, that actually owns a factory that spins/plies/dyes all of their own yarn! Talk about local yarn! So I bought quite a bit there. 2 skeins of Tencel/rayon blend for a shawl, 2 skeins of cashmere/merino, 1 skein of angora/merino/rayon, and one sweaters quantity cone of acrylic. Jason (my fiancee) and I picked up a set of puzzles and a cute art print of UP from downtown Disney, and I picked up a mug that says “love is magical” because it definitely is. I did a good amount of knitting on the trip as well. I’m nearly finished with the zostera shawl I brought with me.

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This whole trip was so magical I can’t believe it actually happened and that this is my life now. 4 years ago, hell, even 2 years ago, I would not have believe this to be possible, but here I am, happy as hell and living my life.

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