#mmmay17 Day 20 in which I left the house *gasp*

Yes, you read that correctly, I actually left the house today. And I only changed outfits once before I finally went out. I was going to wear another sweetheart halter dress I had made, but it was surprisingly cool out today, so I went with rtw leggings, me made undies, me made bra, and my marled blue sweater knit plantain tee.


I was exhausted from after going out to joann’s, there were a lot of people there. I picked up the things I needed and a few other things I wanted, a total of 3 yards of fabric, so not much. 2 things for orders and 2 things for myself. I was supposed to head over to the tattoo parlor after Joann’s but I was wiped out and I could tell the boyfriend was as well, he was up at 5:30AM to catch a train to New York to fix things for work, so he didn’t get much sleep and was tired from the travel and dealing with the frustration of fixing things at work. So I decided to skip the tattoo place (I was just going to make the appointment, because my anxiety is weird and I had to do it in person because phone calls are the devil or something). We just got back and I’m drinking my tea and the boyfriend is already passed out on the couch, so I think I made a good call.


I’ll be spending today cutting and prepping things for orders and maybe some knitting and hopefully get some reading time in. I should probably do a little meal prep as well. I picked up some ponte roma fabric in charcoal and navy blue. I’m planning to print out the Mia Jeans pattern from the City Break Capsule Wardrobe by Sew Over It. I bought this e-pattern book pretty much as soon as it launched. I loved all the patterns in it, though I probably will never make the skirt just because that style doesn’t fit my body type at all. But other than that I love it. They are stretchy skinny jeans that are a mid rise. So I wanted to take that pattern and test the fit and sizing out in a pair or two of shorts. Once I get the sizing right I’ll most likely make a full length pant too. I’m excited for it and hopefully the pattern doesn’t need too much adjusting for me. I’m assuming I’ll be grading up the hips and maybe a full seat adjustment. But I’m just going to do the grading up, as that’s pretty standard for me with all patterns, and if I need some extra booty room I’ll do the FSA for the second pair.

We might go over to the tattoo place tomorrow afternoon, but I guess it all depends on how we feel. I’m still not feeling myself, but I’m hoping this next week will be a nice recharge for me.

5 thoughts on “#mmmay17 Day 20 in which I left the house *gasp*”

    1. yeah I think that’s my best option. My anxiety has made my IBS act up as well, so I haven’t been feeling physically all that well and I don’t want to get nauseous in the middle of talking about a tattoo or while getting one! So I’m taking a break, half of my etsy orders are finished and the others shouldn’t take long. I’m hoping the jeans will be a nice project to take my time with.

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      1. I know that feeling well! It sounds like the timing this week is hopefully perfect for you to restock and build your strength again. I’ve been looking at doing the gingers as I good project to focus me. Will have to wait for a long while now until my daughter improves. Take care this week.


      2. I’m definitely starting to feel better mentally already. I can go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning not having to stress over how much interaction I will be having with anyone else in the house (aside from my boyfriend when he gets home from work, but that’s not a bad thing at all, his company doesn’t affect me like most people do). I can’t wait to see how these mia “jeans” sew up. And hopefully there is a bit of a break for you and daughter soon as well. Don’t forget to take care of yourself as well!

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