Day 19, mostly an update and some finished things

I don’t have any outfit pictures for you today either. I am wearing me made undies, but that’s the only me made I’m wearing. I went to my oversized tshirt and leggings that is my standard go to for bad physical and/or mental health days.

My mental health is still on the fringe. I had to stay home from an event (that I just learned about the other night because no one told me about it and I wouldn’t have known until this morning if I hadn’t talked to my boyfriend’s sister). But I’m glad I didn’t go because I would not have been able to hold it together around a bunch of people, even if I wasn’t interacting with any of them.

I ended up finishing a lot of sewing work the past couple days and I am very proud of that. I finished a bra and 3 different pairs of underwear and I finished the moneta crop top I had started last week (though I don’t have pictures of that yet)


The cat has been anxious since coming back from out trip as well. She has been a huge cuddle bug and very needy for attention, which is adorable, but not so much when you are very allergic to cats. Yesterday night she climbed onto our bed and I was willing to let her stay on the bottom corner of the bed, as long as she stayed on the cloth that I laid down for her (so she doesn’t get too much cat hair on the bed), but that wasn’t good enough for her last night. She kept crawling up the side of the bed and rubbing her face on my shoulder and we’d shoo her back to her corner. Eventually she just jumped on top of my boyfriend and refused to move, he tried picking her up and moving her but she kept coming back, so we finally let her stay for a while until she eventually moved to the end of the bed where she stayed the rest of the night. She never sleeps with us and has only tried once or twice before when the boyfriend’s parents were away for a week, but that was quite a while ago.

She’s been hanging around me a lot, and I don’t know if she can sense that I’m not doing well, or if she just knows she can count on me being here most of the time because I hardly leave the house. Either way, I don’t mind her company and her need for attention, it makes me smile and laugh at her ridiculousness.


So I’ve been doing a lot of tea drinking, chocolate eating, and sewing and some knitting. Plans for this weekend have changed as well, the boyfriend has to go into New York tomorrow for some work things, which was very unexpected. But, in a way, I’m kind of glad, it means I will have some more time to myself to try to relax. I still have to go out tomorrow, but that all depends on when he gets back from working. I need to stop by the local fabric store for some orders I have for the shop. I was also going to stop by the tattoo parlor and set up an appointment for my next tattoo that I wanted to get done soon, but we might push that back for another day. We were also going to drive around the area that we’re looking to buy a house over the next year or so. But we definitely won’t have time for that tomorrow, so that will have to be pushed back to next week.

The boyfriend’s parents will be leaving for about a week as of Sunday. His dad has a business trip which his mom will be joining him on the trip so they can stay after the meetings/conference is over and have their own little vacation. So hopefully the lack of people to interact with over the next week will help my mental health heal a little bit. As I really can’t take much, if any social interaction right now.

Knowing that I was expected to go out today and having both parents home all day really made it difficult for me this morning. I woke up at 9am thanks to a nightmare and didn’t leave the bed until after 12. It’s been very hard to push myself to get moving, I just feel so sluggish lately. I’ve been going on the stationary bike we have to get my “steps” in on my fitbit (because if I start falling behind on my steps, it’ll be very hard to build back up and it’ll make my pain worse) So I’ve been knitting while going slow and steady on the bike. Knitting as exercise, every knitters dream right? I just put my fitbit on my ankle and go while I sit back, peddle and knit for 15-30 minutes. It’s a great way to fit in both knitting and exercise at least.

But hopefully I have more to show you this weekend, as I should be wearing me made tomorrow and maybe sunday since I need to actually get dressed to leave the house.

I hope everyone’s week has been going well.

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